Dismantling Rolex Oyster-style watch, ultra-high value of the couple watch!

Hello everyone, I am old K, today for everyone to introduce is a rolex replica Oyster-style dress watch. Oyster type: Oyster is the Rolex invented the integration of the shape of the case, spin-on bottom cover and screw-in head of the waterproof structure, that Oyster, is the English "oyster, oysters" means that this structure is different from the time Of the welding of the ear, pressed into the bottom cover and plug-in head, but also a symbol of replica watches's hand like oysters as strong and waterproof. Based on this innovation, Rolex has played a kung fu on the dial, Oyster-style constant movement is not only a waterproof function, and fashion design, color use and grinding process are in place. Like these three Rolex watch, excellent quality, classic and resistant, both can be two or two combinations, you can also separate to the band, highlighting the unique personality. Today we bring the style, is the REP table in the latest Oyster sports watch There are three colors Watch Comments: swiss replica watches launched in 2015 the new Oyster constant watch, is the new watch in 2015 the attention of the highest table, which watch the use of all 904L stainless steel material to build, internally equipped with Rolex production for 3132 Self-winding movement, with Rolex production Parachrom gossamer, watch used for the Rolex classic Oyster-style case design, waterproof 100 meters. Today, the old K to give you a look at this time with a year to do fine-tuning, and ultimately for the REP table sector masterpiece, his appearance, to suppress the now very hot Rolex air force AIR KING, but also to the classic explorer It seems some old-fashioned. And as an entry-level Rolex, in the design is also under the foot of the effort, big play color, the most beautiful is the red wine color, of course, gray is the best domestic sales of color, today we test the protagonist is the only gray version of the REP Oyster First, the appearance of articles We all know that as a watch of the value, the most beautiful is just literally, just like a person's face, always the most intuitive, so we took a lot of beautiful photos as an analysis, began to slightly The appearance we almost can not see this turned out to be a domestic REP version of the watch, the reason is out of the current technology to make the watch to do better and better can even go beyond the Swiss people-brand process Second, literal articles Literally in the absence of a mirror case, the exposure is very simple, less glass reflective, allowing us to more clearly see the details of the craft, all aspects are strictly control, which scale 3 6 9 with the luminous Scale, luminous very sharp LOGO do more rounded than the previous table Rolex LOGO are across the board Pointer steel to build, with a luminous reading function without any technical flaws Pointer to the needle, are very regular fine Third, the case articles Clasp is all polished, lettering is very three-dimensional Often overlooked inside the clasp is also done by sandblasting Movement with a seagull 2824 movement, solid screw is very fit the movement is 30 hours Opened the strap will find a detail, even the internal lettering and strap lettering are done very fine The middle of the ear with a non-slip treatment, the balance of the strength of the left and right ends, raw ears and genuine is the same The head of the work can look at Thank you for watching, I am the old K, focus on research watch custom assembly testing, spend the least price to play the most high-end watch, filter the most perfect chassis work, adjust the most stable movement performance, watch this thing, regular operation Just because we are more professional. Integrity Founding, tell the truth, listen to the truth.