Time concept watch industry with you Fun Rolex, into the pit guide, cautious!

Hello everyone, I am the time concept rolex replica industry, watch from the media to share the first person. Interested friends can Baidu time concept watch industry, watch me write more articles, learn more watch knowledge. Recently the weather began to warm, a lot of bosses began to consider buying watches, and bear the brunt of the big Rolex family. Natural question came, replica watches uk so much to buy what is good? The The Today to give you, to a Rolex into the pit big guide, nonsense not much that we start! The The The The The The The "There is no" fishing "(Rolex), D people do not you from the air, you will not come." (If there is no Rolex, not someone else look down on you, but simply can not see you.) - Movie "Isa Rabe " Although the "Isabella" background is Macau, but this sentence fully reflects the Rolex in Hong Kong people's minds. If you come to Hong Kong, you will find all over the Rolex is the AD (Authorized Dealer special retailers). Bus drivers, site workers, Sales, and even many college students are wearing only swiss replica watches hands. The mainland of the worship of Rolex is also a large degree of transmission from Hong Kong, big gold is the Hong Kong film gangster must pass the "hard currency." How can we choose Rolex? Rolex watch if you want from a more general point of view, in fact, is the three types of watchs, one is like the log (Day Just) and the day of the calendar (Day Date) of the dress watch, one is like a water submariner (Submariner) Daytona, Greenwich (GMT), and the other are the non-daily watch represented by Cellini. First of all, novice to understand their own needs. Domestic Rolex sales popular a "fast very accurate" approach, to give you recommend the watch. A shop will be asked to give you or give their own words, budget, age, gender, daily or attend the occasion, and so on. After a series of exclusion law began to recommend the appropriate range of your watch. See here may have to ask, white it? As a white, you can ignore such as Oyster Perpetual, MIGAUSS, submarine, explorer, Greenwich and so you completely do not understand the term. You have to consider is that you need this watch should have what function, such as you need a simple three-pin, two places, or date, material is steel, gold or gold, and many more. These demands can greatly help you to choose a suitable Rolex. I give you a summary, regardless of ah! The The The Do not like to spray! The The The The 1, green water ghosts; Water ghost is everyone for the "submarine" nickname, there are two kinds of green water ghost and black water ghost two, green water is undoubtedly the most popular, as long as it to the shop, basically can not stay a few days gone The Green water ghost first introduced in 2010, it is characterized by the watch surface to PVD technology coated with "green gold" coating, and its green gold material ratio is secret. Green water ghost once launched quickly became popular, the main reason can be attributed to: First, the design itself classic; Second, the performance highlights; and then, low yield; Finally, there are fried phase. At present, the domestic stores and dealers at the basic difficult to see, occasionally to a few, the current official offer is still 70,000 yuan, but unfortunately the money is difficult to buy the goods. 2, black water ghosts; Blackwater ghost is to fill the green water ghost in the market of great vacancies and the introduction of the watch, but it is not what "black gold", but black ceramic. Because the water ghost itself is very classic, and through the green ghost of some "toss", niggas will become a good choice, the current official offer for the 65900. 3, blue water ghosts; And the nature of the black water ghost, as a green ghost of a derivative out. 4, log type; Rolex log type gold watch from the past to the present has been hot money, the former people to buy because it has a good meaning, because there are gold, silver, drilling, was implied as " Win also earn ", at the time was the favorite of businessmen. Nowadays, although people have reduced the obsession with these, but also look with the way, many European and American stars or have been loving this section. But the log type of gold relative to the Rolex calendar calendar watch the high price, obviously has enough advantages, but also to meet the desire to look like gold watch crowd. Movement used for the 3315 self-winding movement, is the Rolex's basic movement 3130 on a date display function. Dog teeth ring, frustrated ear, five beads with, Oyster-style case, automatic, date fast jump, the Observatory ... ... all this is enough to make DJ fans in the hearts of eternal classic. Years bring him another taste! The The The The The The 5, DD type; "Golden Labor" is the representative of the Rolex Day-Date, referred to as DD, the official full name is called Osyter Perpetual Day-Date (Oyster-style constant dynamic week-type), the first DD should be the President series, because the US President had to wear Rolex Of the whole gold DD, so later this watch fame, but also what we call the "President watch". Simple four words, has the characteristics of this watch to say clearly, waterproof, automatic, calendar, week. Now looks like the embodiment of fashion! The The The The 6, the Greenwich type; Set a lot of classic elements of Rolex: scale outer ring, blisters, oysters with half a century of constant design, heritage of a Rolex myth. Watch with 24-hour pointer and can be adjusted independently of the 12-hour pointer, so that the watch in the normal operation at the same time, set another time zone to ensure that minutes and seconds is not bad, for frequent intercontinental travel business people. This watch looks quiet, green pointer at first glance may not be conspicuous, but inadvertently so out of color, whether with casual or dress are appropriate. 7, green glass; Which watch has a cordial nickname called "green glass", I believe we have heard Rolex "green glass" name. The watch in addition to the unique green crystal glass watch mirror also has a special type of lightning second hand, if you find a certain Rolex watch for the lightning type second hand, then you can determine it for the MILGAUSS series watch. The watch has a very good anti-magnetic design, both under the watch with paramagnetic alloy to build the magnetic cover, the magnetic density of 1000 Gauss in the case can still maintain accurate operation. Movement used for the 3131 self-winding movement, due to the end of the watch inside the magnetic cover reasons, 3131 movement and 31310 movement needle shaft design is different, and 3131 movement to switch to the blue niobi gossamer to increase the magnetic resistance. Strength buyers show. 8, Rolex Oyster Constant Rolex entry-level watch, Rolex watch precision, durable in the series of watches embodied most vividly. Rolex is now the largest shipments of the series, which watch for the Rolex current base movement 3130 self-winding movement, it is no calendar version, and added the calendar is 3135 movement, 3130 movement For the Swiss official Observatory certification, five plus temperature correction.